Uninsured Services

While most medical services are covered by OHIP, some are not.  The following is a list of the uninsured services that we provide that are not covered by the Ministry of Health.

Each year, we offer you the option to pay an annual fee for the uninsured services that you may require.  If you wish to pay an annual fee, please inquire at the front desk. Alternatively, you can simply pay for each individual service on the day of the office visit.

  • Fax or phone prescription renewals
  • Notes or Letters (Physiotherapy, Massage, Orthotics, Sick notes)
  • Lost requisitions or prescriptions
  • Medical Reports / Forms (Fitness club, camp or school forms, travel insurance)
  • Health form for employment +/- TB skin test
  • Wart treatment (OHIP covers feet & genital area only)
  • Telephone Advice (if patient-initiated, per medical issue)
  • Email correspondence (if patient-initiated, per medical issue)
  • Dressing changes (per visit)
  • Travel advice
  • Insurance forms
  • Removal of Benign skin tags/lesions
  • Third Party Physicals / Exams
  • Medical-Legal letters or letters on behalf of patient
  • Medical Chart Transfer
  • Missed appointments without 24h notice

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