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Please Remember: You must bring a valid health card to each office visit.


Appointments by Telephone

Contact us to schedule an appointment at 416-921-1066.

Appointments by Email

To request a NON-URGENT appointment, please complete and submit the following form, and we will contact you within 48 hours.


What if I require medical care when my doctor is not in the office?

If you require prompt medical attention on a day when your family physician is not in the office, we encourage you to take advantage of our additional urgent care options:

  • Same-day Urgent Care Coverage: Call our clinic at 416-921-1066 in the morning to schedule an appointment with one of the physicians, and the staff will try and accommodate you.
  • After Hours Clinic: this can be scheduled on the same-day by calling 416-488-1148. We are part of a network of physicians who work together to provide this after hours service Monday-Thursday from 5pm-8pm and on the weekends for a 3-hour block
  • Telehealth Advisory Service (THAS): This service provides you 24-hour phone access to a registered nurse who can provide medical advice. Just call 866-797-0000.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of these services rather than going to a walk-in clinic. These services are provided to allow for better continuity of care as your physician will receive information about your medical encounter and the results of bloodwork or imaging tests that are ordered. This way your family physician can provide prompt follow-up, if required.

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